No single person or collective human force can save the Planet Earth. Why you say – because the Planet is not in trouble - It’s the human race that’s in trouble. Our population is growing and our demand on natural resources is being stretched to never before seen limits. Water covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and we still have the same amount of water now as we had when humans first walked on the Earth. The difference is, the human race has managed to pollute over 50% of our known fresh water sources.
We cannot re-claim most of our polluted fresh water source, but we can make a difference. Global Management Group is doing just that with our SSR Water Treatment system. We treat and recycle industrial waste water and oilfield Class II produced water. In this way we lower the demand for more fresh water and reduce pollution by recycling waste waters rather than taking that water out of the equation by deep well injection or waste pit evaporation. Click on INTRO to see how we do it